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One thing we know for sure about the future is that the demand for transport will increase. At the Volvo Group, we will continue to offer sustainable transport and charging infrastructure solutions in line with our commitment in the SBTi.

Volvo Energy’s role in this is to drive the Volvo Group’s ambitious sustainability journey, including designing and sourcing electric batteries and the charging stations along the route until the battery is ready to be carefully recycled. We will do this in a responsible way from a full life cycle perspective together with all our  supply chain partners 

At Volvo Energy we want to be able say that we did everything we could to make the world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Read about the Volvo Group’s initiatives in the  Annual & Sustainability Report   and our holistic approach to climate, resources and people in our Sustainability Strategy  which describes Volvo Energy’s guiding principles.

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 Drive circularity

The Volvo Group has existed for almost one hundred years. Volvo Energy is the enabler for one hundred more. At least. How come? Because since the start, we have sustainability in our DNA. The Group has set the ambition to reduce the emissions of our trucks and buses by 40% per vehicle kilometer by 2030.  This is one of the most challenging targets in the industry. And we are determined to achieve it. 

We will support and propel Volvo Group’s sustainability journey - moving from a linear business model to a circular one.

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