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Volvo Energy

At Volvo Energy, we aim to accelerate and ease the shift to electrification. We will offer a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) that provides a reliable supply of renewable energy and reduces costs. We also work on robust on-site and en-route charging solutions to ensure consistent, dependable energy access.

Storing energy today, powering journeys tomorrow

First life batteries, second life possibilities

In the near future, millions of electric vehicle batteries will reach the end of their first life. At Volvo Energy, we aim to safeguard these valuable assets, repurpose them, and give them a second life.

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At Volvo Energy, you won’t just find a job. You’ll discover an opportunity to grow, innovate, and be part of driving the industry in the right direction.

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Volvo Energy, the latest addition to the Volvo Group, brings a fresh perspective while leaning on decades of experience. Discover our story and the unique position we hold within the group.

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