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We are more than energy. We are the switch.

Electrification is here, and the Volvo Group is leading the charge. With Volvo Energy offering charging solutions, energy storage, battery optimization and battery lifecycle management, we are not just part of the movement – we make it happen.

Our story

Volvo Energy was founded in 2022. And while we may think of ourselves as a startup, our story is far from typical. Yes, we embody the spirit of innovation and agility that defines startups. But we are backed by the knowledge and experience of the entire Volvo Group.

Our role is to be the enablers behind the ongoing electric revolution. Because electrification is not a vision of tomorrow, it’s today’s reality. Electric trucks, buses, construction equipment, and cutting-edge solutions are already here. And with this reality comes responsibility. We ensure everything is handled with efficiency and care, from real-time battery optimization and charging solutions to repurposing and recycling. Under our watch, as little as possible goes to waste. We aim to optimize every aspect to deliver sustainable solutions.

The people behind our success

Volvo Energy operates through seven core hubs, each focusing on a unique aspect of battery technology and electrification. This video series provides insight from each hub, showcasing their contributions and the collective passion driving us forward. Dive in to understand our ‘why’. 

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Women across the organization


Women in leadership positions


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What sparks your interest?

Electrification? Innovation? Diversity in ideas and people? At Volvo Energy, we embrace all these and more. We offer roles that both challenge and excite. Join us and be a part of the electric shift.

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