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EV charging infrastructure

The road to an electric future will need plenty of charging stations along the way. At Volvo Energy, we support an electric future by building extensive charging networks and offering dependable digital services that ensure an efficient and smooth electric transition.

EV charging infrastructure – commercial and global solutions

Effective charging infrastructure is key to truly going electric. Given the global scope, it’s a team effort. Through close partnerships, a few of them presented below, we’re weaving a network of charging points across Europe, North America, and beyond.

Simplifying charging on the move

As we are setting up charging infrastructure across Europe and North America, the Volvo Connect service, and at a later stage, the Renault Truck Optifleet service, will become your essential co-pilot. The app will easily integrate with your systems, so you receive real-time updates on charging station availability, type, pricing, and expected charge times. Say goodbye to unexpected detours and hello to informed choices, ensuring you always find the optimal charging station. 

Volvo Connect

FAQ about EV charging infrastructure

If you cannot find an answer to your question, you are always welcome to contact us or your dealer.

En-route charging and depot charging are two different approaches to charging electric vehicles. En-route charging is primarily used to supplement the range of electric vehicles during their daily operation, allowing them to continue their routes without returning to a central depot. Depot charging, on the other hand, is focused on fully recharging vehicles during downtime, such as overnight, to ensure they have sufficient range for their daily operations.

The public charging infrastructure for commercial vehicles is expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years, with multiple truck-adapted charge points being built across Europe, North America, and beyond. In Europe alone, a significant number of charge points are expected to be built in the coming years. The expansion of charging networks is expected to continue as EV adoption increases and sustainability efforts gain momentum.

Booking is currently unavailable, but it is part of the roadmap and will be available in the near future for selected Charge Point Operators.

Opportunities for EV charging infrastructure and BESS

The potential for BESS to revolutionize energy storage presents a promising path for a consistent energy supply. When considered together with charging infrastructure, the opportunities for faster and more reliable charging of electric vehicles become clear. We are excited about the possibilities and are exploring how they can redefine efficiency and reliability in the energy landscape.

Battery Energy Storage System – BESS

Partnership is the new leadership

 If you’re looking for a partnership that drives innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, our doors are open. Join us in leading the electric transition, one charge at a time.

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