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  • We spoke to Elisabeth Larsson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Services, Volvo Energy, on their drive to develop a second life use for EV batteries when they come to the end of their vehicle use.

  • Two Volvo Truck & Bus dealers have found an innovative solution to overcome one of the biggest barriers the UK faces with the shift to zero emission transport.

  • Zero emission machines and charging solutions from Volvo Group are helping to develop a roadmap for fossil-free ski resorts.

  • A national network of public fast chargers for heavy electric trucks is opening in Sweden. The charging network is powered by renewable energy. A new service from Volvo Trucks makes it easy for haulers to find and access the charging stations.

  • With a rising demand for electric vehicle (EV) and industrial batteries, the European Union is replacing the current Battery Directive with an ambitious new regulation covering all categories of batteries. The purpose is to support a sustainable battery industry, improve the functioning of the internal market within the EU, boost a circular economy and mitigate environmental and social impact related to batteries. At the Volvo Group, we are pleased to see our core values being supported by regulation.

  • The more an electric vehicle (EV) battery is used, the greater the benefits are. The Volvo Group works to ensure that every battery that powers Volvo applications is used to its full potential, before being carefully recycled. By doing so, we create a circular business model of second life batteries, reduce environmental impact and accelerate the shift towards a zero-emission future.

  • The Volvo Group and North American-based Pilot Company have signed a Letter of Intent for the development of public, high-performing charging infrastructure for medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles.

  • Gothenburg, Sweden / Munich, Germany / Stuttgart, Germany – Today, the Volvo Group, Daimler Truck, and the TRATON GROUP completed the final step in forming the previously announced joint venture for charging infrastructure in Europe. The new joint venture, with Anja van Niersen as appointed CEO, is expected to have a significant role in supporting the European Union’s Green Deal for carbon-neutral freight transportation by 2050.

  • Volvo Energy invests in the UK-based, second-life battery energy storage specialist Connected Energy in order to further accelerate Volvo Group’s battery business and sustainability opportunities.

  • Gothenburg, Sweden / Munich, Germany / Stuttgart, Germany – The three leading commercial vehicle manufacturers Volvo Group, Daimler Truck, and the TRATON GROUP have now signed a binding agreement to create a joint venture (JV) to install and operate a high-performance public charging network for battery electric, heavy-duty long-haul trucks and coaches across Europe. As previously communicated, the parties are committed to initiating and accelerating the necessary build-up of charging infrastructure for the increasing number of customers of electric vehicles in Europe and contribute to climate-neutral transportation in Europe by 2050. The JV creation is subject to regulatory approvals.

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