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it all revolves around the batteries

Batteries power our business and are at the heart of everything we do. We closely monitor and optimize electric vehicle batteries to expand their lifespans. Through detailed battery data, we can understand each battery’s first life down to the cellular level, ensuring its journey into its second life.

Battery circularity

As the electric transformation gathers pace, the number of used batteries grows. But used batteries still have valuable potential. With our circular approach, we reuse and repurpose these powerhouses. And once they’ve given everything, we ensure that they’re responsibly recycled, and ready to give everything they can once again.

Reviving power

When a battery has completed its primary task in a vehicle or bus, we breathe new life into it. Using detailed battery data, we can tell if a battery needs a few cells replaced or a total overhaul. We can then determine its next purpose.

From roads to reserve

After inspection and any needed repairs, these batteries are ready for their next mission. They might return to the roads, powering vehicles or embark on a different journey, serving as Battery Energy Storage System, adding value to society at large.

Closing the loop

As each battery approaches the true end of its lifecycle, we aim to extract and reuse essential materials like lithium, cobalt, and nickel. This process ensures that we tap into the full value of every battery, from initial use to responsible recycling.

Digitalize to decarbonize

We’re constantly in tune with our batteries. Using AI and advanced data tools, we monitor their performance, whether they’re installed in a city bus or powering a truck on a highway. This data allows us to know exactly what they can be used for next when their first role ends. This knowledge, combined with our expertise, helps ensure a seamless and circular journey for our batteries, while ensuring our customers enjoy an enhanced experience throughout.

Joint efforts, joint success

Navigating the road to a 100% fossil-free future is a massive challenge, and we can’t do it alone. We believe in the power of teamwork. Our goals, like cutting emissions by 40% per vehicle kilometer by 2030, become achievable when we collaborate. Through strong, growing partnerships, we won’t just set goals, we’ll reach them. 

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