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How we do it

Our entire circular model depends on what we call the enablers. Digitalization throughout every aspect of the circular journey is a key component in order for us to reach our mission. And we are stronger together, that’s why we are always looking for new partnerships. 

 Digitalize to decarbonize

The digitalization journey we do is a key enabler for electromobility. As timing and precision is crucial to define the next step for a battery in its lifecycle, we need to gather information about the battery, as well as predicting the exact supply and demand among our customers.

At Volvo energy, we are developing new digital capabilities for all steps of our business model such as: A tool that can leverage all data and AI. Digital services for charging infrastructure and battery second-life. Smart digital solutions to optimize the circular battery flow and a digital architecture to enable the energy ecosystem. 

Grow partnerships across ecosystems

Becoming 100% fossil free is not an easy undertaking. We will not be able to decarbonize transport on our own. Partnership is the new leadership and an enabler for the huge transition toward fossil-free transport.

We will continue to think big and create and develop suitable partnerships  - connect with us

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