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Volvo Energy is dedicated to accelerating the Group’s electrification and sustainability journey


Volvo Energy

Where the story continues

Volvo Energy is Volvo Group’s newest business area, dedicated to accelerating the Group’s electrification and sustainability journey.


The Volvo Group has existed for almost one hundred years. Volvo Energy is the enabler for one hundred more. At least. How come? Because since the start, we have sustainability in our DNA.


We are committed to driving and propelling a fundamental breakthrough of electrification, from development of charging and infrastructure solutions to the remanufacturing, refurbishing, repurposing, and recycling state-of-the-art batteries that power our Volvo Group products.


We aim to connect the beginning with the end, going from a linear business model to a circular one. We are committed to taking the responsibility for and nurturing what the two Volvo Group founders, Assar Gabrielsson and Gustaf Larson, created: an unbelievable history of innovation with a strong genuine humanistic and prosperous approach. The story continues here. Let’s continue to prosper for 100 years more. 


From individual success to collective significance

Do you have a true entrepreneurial mindset? Do you thrive when you work with passion, perform with purpose, and transform with vision? Do you want to shape tomorrow’s society together with us? 

Join us in our collaborative and innovative environment!

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